Your international financial representative.

Your outsourcing portal

Your FIRST STEP toward

Business and enterprenuership 

Management and outsourcing portal 

 IraPolska is an intermediate firm that provides management and consultation services for financial and legal expertise by facilitating communications and preparing documentation for financial and legal proceedings. We prepare and organize documents and prepare initial reports to facilitate decision making process. Clarification of complex matters lie within experties of IraPolska.

Your business representative

Your freelance international and local representative in Europe and Asia.

Legal cosultation

Maximize your potentials and avoid legal risks in your business.

Local management

Trying to improve your business in local markets? We provide you with a local manager for marketing, accounting and debt collections.


Trying to start a business, we help you to setup your plan, we try to buildup your startup.

Participation in international events

We will send high skill representatives to international conferences to provide adequate information and report for your business.

Save and reimburse your funds

Navigate reimbursement process seamlessly, ensuring you receive what`s rightfully yours.

We Provide:

Legal and financial representative for foreign institutions 

Marketing and financial expertise

Market predictions and AI expert advisor design

Business and local representatives

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IraPolska Dispute resolution function:

Expert Collaboration

Unlock the power of collaboration as we dissect your market and financial results with expert precision.

In-depth Analysis:

Our seasoned professionals dig deep into your market and financial data, unveiling hidden insights for informed decision-making.

Collaborative Expertise:

Benefit from a synergy of minds as we merge market analysis and financial expertise to provide a holistic perspective.

Strategic Guidance:

Navigate confidently in your business endeavors with strategic recommendations derived from our comprehensive analysis.

Data-Driven Decisions:

Base your choices on data-backed insights, ensuring your market and financial strategies are firmly grounded.

Customized Solutions:

Tailoring our analysis to your unique business landscape, we offer solutions that align with your goals and vision.

Quantitative & Qualitative:

Our approach combines quantitative data with qualitative understanding, painting a complete picture of your business performance.

Holistic Overview:

Witness the bigger picture as we connect market dynamics to financial outcomes, enabling well-rounded strategies.

Competitive Edge:

Stay ahead of the curve with our analysis, gaining a competitive edge through market and financial intelligence.

Unveil Opportunities:

Discover untapped opportunities by leveraging our collaborative expertise, transforming data into actionable insights.

Maximize Growth Potential:

Empower your business to reach its full potential by harnessing the power of our combined market and financial analysis.